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Email Secure Server: A Crucial Part of Email Security

Email secure server or also called SSL Server is a web server that supports most of the major security protocols like SSL/TLS that encrypt and decrypt messages to create protection against third-party tampering. Retailers and online businesses use these email secure servers to provide clients guaranteed security for making online purchase regarding payment and personal information to be translated to a secret code that’s hard to identify. Major security protocols include IPSec, PCT, SSL, and SHTTP.

We must always remember that Email encryption is expensive but worth it. For large companies, the operating costs will depend on its number of users. The price counteracted by the potential damage making the customer’s data and information fell in the hands of an intruder. Email encryption isn’t widespread. We must take note that if you don’t encrypt, no one will do. You must only have a purpose for encryption. Most encryption solutions are entirely compatible with all the industry standards.

Email Secure Server

Mailing infrastructure security is tightly tied to your sender reputation and is an excellent foundation for establishing a strong relationship with your customers.

If you have experienced a hack and spam appears in your subscribers’ inboxes, there would be multiple risks. Each of these will have a different impact on your email program:

•    Spam builds a lot of accusation towards your IP addresses and domains

•    Spam can result in a sudden fall in engagement with subscriber along with your appropriate email

•    Both of the Mailbox Providers and subscribers can block your mail in no time

•    Malicious users will be able to send spam to random email addresses that are not your subscribers. It usually includes a vast number of spam traps

•    If unauthorized content submission happened from your infrastructure and you are hitting spam traps, then you are likely to be listed on publicly available blacklists

These different aspects above remarkably matter because significant MBP’s are analyzing the performance and security parameters to make decisions before engaging in a connection from your email server. The time consumed for performance metrics to alter based on the scale of the spam run, but no matter how long it takes, it will harm email deliverability and ROI.

Here are five tips on how to secure your mail server:

1.    Encryption

In achieving a mail server, always make sure that you are using a secured connection. Always encrypt IMAP authentication and POP3. Don’t forget to use TLS and SSL to keep it highly secured.

2.    Mail Relay Configuration

Avoid being an open relay for spammers by determining which domains/IP addresses your mail server will receive mail.

3.    Connections and Default Settings

To avoid DoS attacks, you must limit the number of connection and authentication errors that your system accepts. Always remove unimportant server functionality by disabling any unnecessary default settings. Prepare a dedicated mail server and move other services to other servers. Keep simultaneous connections to your SMTP server as limited as possible.

4.    Access Control

To protect your server from unauthorized access, implement verification and access control. One example is SMTP authentication which requires users to input a username and password to be able to send a mail from the server. Always make sure entry to your servers is on a must have a basis and is shared with a few numbers of people as possible.

5.    Abuse prevention

Analyze DNS-based blacklists (DNSBLs) and reject email from any domains or IPs listed on them. Check Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL), and deny any directives containing an invalid or malicious link. Maintain a local blacklist and block any IP addresses that individually target you. Apply outbound filtering and use CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA with your web forms to add more security to your mail server

The Inconsistency of Email Security

Email by its very nature is highly visible because of the sending over the internet as a clear text. It means anyone with a packet connection or a hard-wired connection at any location of your ISP or company network can see what you are sending across the internet. The scary thing is about email security is anyone can do it with very little knowledge and even a minimal practice. It is straightforward to learn how to, which results in criminal hackers to do it so often; confirmed in great news.

Email Secure Server is a Crucial Part of Email Security

Email Secure Server

The more significant problem with email security is most people don’t even realize that it makes several copies of itself all over the internet. First, it gets duplicated on the sender’s computer in their ‘Sent mail’ box. After that, it gets copied again to the server that sends the email. Next, it gets copied again to the server that receives the email. Finally, the email they will get copied to recipients’ computers when they download the email.

Another scary part, there are available backups made of these emails. Most people will now understand that they need to create a substitute for their data and email regularly. These copies of gets burned to Compact disk or backup servers on Local Area Networks. Automated backups get stored in The Cloud (i.e., clusters of redundant servers spread all over the world that keep many copies of your data) or on the internet.

Six reasons why to consider Email Encryption

1.    To dodge business risks

Most of our days are very important and timely, so we wouldn’t want to send unencrypted emails. Without encryption, any person can have access to the information stored in your mail. Your competitors can use such information against you, and it can affect your business. It is highly advisable that you consider going in for email encryption to avoid business risks and other type of problems.

2.    To protect confidential information

Email encryption protects confidential information such as your banking account number, credit card number, social security number and many more. In any case that your mail is not encrypted, some hackers or unknown elements can make use of your personal information for their wrong motives. Can you imagine that the messages which you sent visualized and read or even altered in transit? Even your username, as well as password which you type in the computer, can be stolen without any difficulty. So to make sure that you avoid this suck leakage on vital information, email encryption is critical. Make sure to have this to ensure a wholly secured email.

3.    To prevent message replay possibilities

We already know that a message you sent to any can be modified, but then there is one more important thing which is possible to do with the messages you send. Words are altering, saved, and then re-sent later. One can get an accurate message first, and then receive fake messages which appear to be official later on. The recipient wouldn’t be able to tell whether the email message which has sent to him is modified. In case the message was just recently deleted, they won’t be able to transmit to the receiver.

4.    Identity Theft Prevention

A person can get your username as well as password which you use to take to your email secure servers. That particular person can read the emails which you send and also send false sent email messages. It is what we called identity theft.

5.    Cancellation of messages sent

You can never really prove that a person has sent you a particular message. It signifies that even if a person sent you a specific letter, he could deny sending it. It has a dangerous conclusion that regards to making use of email for business communications, contracts, electronic and commerce.

6.    Unprotected Backups

The messages which people send stored on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Servers which is an example of outgoing mail servers. The backups of server disks surround text copies of your messages. These backups can exist for a lot of years; anyone who has access to the backup files can read your words and use that information to create a risk. It can also be a disadvantage even if you think that you’ve already deleted the message.

Having an unsecured email server is very risky. If you are a business owner and you need to send a lot of emails that have confidential information in it, it must be highly secured. We must always remember these reasons; it can signify how important it is to have an Email secure server. .

We must always remember to consider a trustworthy service when deciding on our email’s security. In choosing regarding safety, select the best and most experienced in the business. Maiz Canadian free email is the best in considering this business. A vast number of people proved and experienced it. Don’t forget to pick the service with a great review. Maiz Canadian is founded to assist the people in Canada that knows best in terms of email server security.

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