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How to Stop Spam from Invading Your Emails and the Best Email Canada Service

Did you know that almost all of what is inside your inbox as of this moment may be spam email? Recent studies have shown that up to 95% of our emails are spam, in other words irrelevant, trash. And that is just too high of a number!  We use our email accounts for various reasons, such as for business purposes, personal reasons, and many more. We do our very best to make it so that we can keep our inboxes organized. In that way, we can quickly see the emails that are important to us. Now imagine that as being cluttered with all sorts of junk or unimportant emails just lying there to fill up your inboxes. Now those emails that you do care about are now deep within the rubble because of them. It is pretty annoying – no, absolutely infuriating, right? That is what we are facing now with the continuous rise of spam emails. Within this article, we will be discussing some ways to stop spam emails from invading your inboxes and the top features in an email Canada service provider that you should look for to make sure you are using the right one.

Effective Ways to Stop Spam

Best Email Canada Service

There is no way to get rid of spam permanently aside from you getting off of internet entirely. No matter what you do, spam will always be there, again and again. That is the harsh reality. The best you can do to fight it off is to filter out the most if it, although, that too has its unfortunate consequences.

Your email client almost certainly filters spam, moving suspicious messages to a separate folder. Put it just, the email service provider you may be currently using has its feature to filter out spam on itself. But just like everything else, it is not perfect. Some spam emails can bypass the filters integrated by your email service providers in that way; they may still end up in your inboxes. And some legitimate messages, called false positives, end up in the spam folder. We must accept it, we cannot remove these errors entirely, but we can surely do make an effort to reduce them.

Here are some steps on how you can reduce spam emails on your inbox:

1.    Report The Spam You Found

The moment you find a spam email in your very own inbox, do not just delete it. Make an effort to let you email service provider that this particular message is indeed actually a spam email, by reporting it. However, how you do this step depends directly on your email Canada service provider. For example, if in an instance that you are using the Google Gmail, you will see a “Report Spam” button in the toolbar that does just that, reporting spam emails. In the other side of it, you must also need to train your email service about your false positives. You can do this by going through your spam folders once a day, then look for messages that don’t belong there, the messages labeled as spam, but not. Again, in Gmail, you click the “Not Spam” button. If the email you are currently using is decent, then it better learn from these mistakes with your help.

2.    Just Ignore The Spam, Do Not Respond To It

Most spam emails can quickly be recognized as just that before you even do open it. But if you do accidentally open it before you can fully realize that it’s spam, immediately close it. Never click a link or button, or download a file, from a spam message or at the very list, a message that you do suspect as spam. If you do happen to have opened spam, that appears to have come from a friend or coworker, contact them immediately and let them know that spammers have compromised their account. To summarize, learn how to differentiate a spam email from the legitimate ones and do your absolute best to not respond to it in any way because doing so can thoroughly damage your system or even worse take personal and sensitive information from you.

3.    Do Not Just Give Off Your Email Address, Hide It

The more times you use your email address on different services that you apply to, the more spam you are potentially about to get. That is why you must keep your email address close to you and do not just hand it off. If you do need to sign up an email address on a service you currently want to apply to, for example, various games or subscription services, try to use a different email address than that of what you use for your business ventures or personal matters. Do not publish your email addresses on the web unless you need to. And if you do have to, again, use a different email address for that purpose.

4.    Use A Third-Party Anti-Spam Filter

Browsing the web, you may see a lot of reliable and effective anti-spam filters that you may able to use in addition to the built-in features of your current email service providers. Try your hardest to find the one suitable just for you that you feel like you may use for an extended period and integrate it entirely on your everyday use of your email. In that way, if a spam email does successfully bypass your first line of defense, you can be confident that there is another line of protection it must go through to reach your inbox.

5.    If All Else Fails, Change Email Address.

This step should be the last option. Just like when a vessel sadly took too much water and will now eventually sink, you must subsequently jump ship. If you have carelessly responded to spam in the past or haven’t been fully protecting your email addresses, and now your inboxes are filled with useless and seemingly dangerous spam. If that is just the case, then changing your email address may be your only option now. This process may be  troublesome because of course, you’d still have to inform your legitimate contacts about the change, and you’ll probably need to keep both addresses for a few more months to fully transfer. But once you do finally get rid of the old, infested address, you would have another chance to have a clean inbox once more.

What Email Service Should I Use?

Email Canada Service

Because email services nowadays are just so essential, after all, the internet is now the way to go. It is what we use for work, for personal matters, and almost for everything with regards to communication today. And that is why you must be selective and thorough to the email Canada service provider that you will be using. It’s not just because it gets the job done; you’d settle for it, of course, you would need to find the one that can also be reliable and secured alongside being able to do its purpose successfully. Here are some factors that you should be looking for in an email service that you can be confident in using:

•    A Reliable Spam Filter

Just as discussed above, spam can be a massive problem for our emails. That is why a significant factor in deciding which email service to use relies on how it can entirely block off a huge number of spam emails. Look for an email service that has an integrated system that can detect and filter out inbox spam effectively and efficiently.

•    Reliability and Accessibility

You may never know when you would need to use your emails. A reliable email Canada service provider needs to be up and running whenever you do decide you need to use it. It should always be available, at any given time, at any given date. Another huge factor is that it should be accessed virtually anywhere by way of being available on our mobile devices.

•    Ease Of Use

Not all are tech savant; not all can fully use a complex system or service. A valid email service can be used by everyone no matter how naïve they may be with regards to technology. The features should be easily digestible while its functions should be quickly understood. Users would gladly take a straightforward system that gets the job done rather than an entirely complex one that they can barely comprehend.

•    Advanced Features

Added features on a service that you can solely rely on are indeed a welcome addition. Users do appreciate simplicity, but one system can still be simple but with a few added features that take its services and capabilities to the next level. Mediocrity is intolerable now, look for the best.

•    Storage

The primary purpose of our inbox is to store as much information as possible in the form of emails. Keep in mind the amount of storage space included in your created account. This factor is crucial because it would be a nightmare to realize late that you have now run out of storage space.

These are just a small portion of the crucial features that you should keep your eyes on to when choosing a useful and reliable email Canada service provider. Good news for you, Maiz has all of them and more! It is a free email and SMS service that can be fully utilized by every Canadian. You can be fully confident that you’re information and emails are secured, maintained fully, and managed appropriately. Reduce the spam you are getting by just merely signing up for our services and thoroughly enjoy everything we have to offer just for you. Click here to learn more.

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