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Making the Most out of the Best Canadian Email Provider

To start, email marketing is the process and execution of a marketing campaign by sending commercial messages to a specific group of a target audience with the use of a particular email platform. In the simplest term, any messages sent with the aim to promote a product or services using email can be considered as email marketing.

The purposes of email marketing can vary according to the set of target audience and the current state of the company. These purposes can either be:

Best Canadian Email Provider

1. For new businesses to create and increase brand awareness to their first set of target audience.

2. For middle-aged companies to enhance their relationship to their loyal clients and offer them kind of promotions or special offers

3. For middle-aged businesses to encourage a new set of target audience and present new products or services perfectly fit for them

4. Promoting third-party advertisements.

No matter what kind of goals your business may currently have, it is undeniable that using email as a form of a marketing strategy can be a great help to reach that goal. This is more evident when it comes to building connections and building better communication with your clients. However, since the method has become a massive trend all over the world, it is inevitable that some people saw its potential for other illegal purposes. And thus, it leads some countries to promote several laws regarding email spamming.

Canada is one of the very first countries to implement the law. Therefore, how do you think business owners were able to cope up with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law? They must have found the best Canadian Email provider in order to excel in the business with such strict email laws. However, before all of that, how do you think all of this started and what is real current status of email marketing today? Consequently, with a bunch of email providers nowadays, who would you really trust?

Email Marketing Through Time

Best Canadian Email Provider

The history of email and email marketing dates back over 40 years ago. At first, no one did ever imagine that email platforms can be definitely used for marketing purposes. However, everything changed when someone did the thing in 1978 and unexpectedly reached the outcome that shocked even him. Gary Thuerk of DEC or Digital Equipment Corporation tried to send out over 400 email messages to potential customers through using the ARPANET or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, and he was surprised that it was able to produce over $13 million of increased sales from all kinds of DEC products. Since then, many people have seen the enormous potential of using emails as a new way of marketing platform. According to the experts here are some of the most known benefits of email marketing and the reasons why business owners must consider using the platform.

1.    Cost-effective

Unlike any other marketing campaigns, using emails is undoubtedly cost-effective in all sense. Some businesses use the classic marketing method such as sending out flyers, posting up posters and etc. to increase their brand popularity. Well, it might still work at some point, but if you would think about it more deeply, the outcomes do not reciprocate the efforts and the money you have invested in the campaign. Plus, you are not even being environment-friendly. On the other hand, using email marketing does not require much effort and money. You can literally reach your specific target audience, and you do not have to spend a lot both in talks of energy and money. All you have to do is to come up with an informative and yet convincing message that will undoubtedly appeal to your customers. You can even ask an expert to design a template for you so that it will be more captivating and compelling.

2.    Promote Your Brand Effortlessly

Aside from getting your customers a peak of what your company offers, you can also definitely get them accustomed to your brand effortlessly. As you promote your campaign, you can make it a point to include not just your logo but also your tagline, brand graphics, and your specific palette. With this, even if your target audience did not read your campaign thoroughly they would still at least get a glimpse of your brand personality and who knows what kind of miracle to your brand?

3.    One-On-One Interaction with Your Target Market

Through sending your prospect clients a personal email, you are effortlessly building an individual connection with them. Unlike other marketing methods, it offers a more interactive, conversational and open communication with your target market. Plus, you will see immediate results if your campaign really works when they tried to reach you out by replying to your email or contacting you through other means. Also, using an email provider that does not limit the number of messages you can send means that you can reach a broader target audience wherever they may be.

4.    Brand Reputation

If you have successfully come up with a customer-friendly, relevant and useful email marketing strategy, there’s no doubt that your audience will build more trust in you and your brand. Plus, if you have been very consistent with your campaigns, your market will not doubt the presence of your company anymore.

5.    Easy Way to Provide Updates

If you have already built a guaranteed market through your campaign, email can also be a great way to keep them up to date with your business’ new deals or other promotions. Giving them the necessary information about your products and services can provide higher chances of purchase or subscription.

These are just a few benefits of email marketing. However, its boost in the business industry also resulted in adverse effects. Spam emails are one of those. For some people, spam messages would just be treated as an annoying bulk of messages in the inbox, but it has more negative effects not only to the email users but also to the email providers.

Spamming and the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation

Anti-Spam Legislation Canada

With the advent of the internet today, there’s a high chance that only business owners are aware of the slight difference between spam emails and email marketing. This small but significant difference is the email permission from the recipient of the email. To clear the confusion, spamming is happening when a particular audience did not agree to receive the messages but ends up having tons of them in their inbox. On the other hand, email marketing focuses on sending bulk emails to people who agreed and accepted their messages on their mailboxes.

As spamming becoming a more and more dangerous issue in the age of the internet, some countries build laws to prevent from harming innocent internet users. Canada, for example, was able to come up with the federal law known as (CASL) or Canada’s anti-spam legislation. This law was approved in order to control the widespread spamming and help the marketplace and business industry to promote their brands in a more effective way.

CASL Requirements

To avoid spamming, CASL requires every company or organization to send CEMS or commercial electronic messages from inside or outside the country to accept a sort of consent from the receivers before they eventually send messages to them. Any email that promotes participation to the recipients for a certain company’s campaign such as promotions or deals can be considered as CEMS.

An organization or a company needs to provide their target market with (1) the name of the organization, (2) mailing address and other contact information to reach the company, (3) the written consent itself, (4) contact information of a third-party that will obtain the approval, (5) an option which will give the chance for the receivers to opt out in the campaign.

Amazing Free Canadian Email

Canadian Email Provider

If your business is based explicitly in Canada, you might be worrying a lot about considering using email as a marketing method because of CASL. However, with the innovative and effective email marketing features of MAIZ, you should certainly try how Canadian Email providers like MAIZ works and think again.

MAIZ offers the fastest email services for every Canadians all for free. They provide an inbox solution and temporary email, specifically created to answer your needs most quickly through a highly-improved AJAX interface which are very useful on any kind of device. Plus, MAIZ also ensures every user one of its good spam protection services, login security and exceptional encryption method that makes it very user-friendly whether you are using it for email marketing or for personal use.

Email marketing does not have to be expensive. Fortunately, if you and your business are just in Canada, MAIZ can do splendid marketing job for you. MAIZ are made by Canadians for the benefit of Canadians, and thus, you can have it all for free. This email platform offers a complete email marketing solution. From single/double opt-in, autoresponder/automation subscription management, exporting, importing, list segmenting and even blacklisting, you can rest assured that MAIZ has the solution for all of those.

With MAIZ, you never have to worry with any email marketing issues or spending too much for it. You will no longer have to worry about the costs or quota, an amazing Canadian email provider like MAIZ got affordable and even all-free deals especially for you. Want to know more? You can click here for more information.

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