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Canadian Email Providers: Creating Effective Business Connections

Every business requires connection to their clients or partners. It is vital since communication is necessary for companies to prosper. With the innovation in our technology today, relaying a message to one another is no longer an issue. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to relay a message anytime and anywhere. You can do this through social media, phone calls, or through email.

Among these three, email has been the oldest and most reliable way of sending a message to everyone. Long before the social media era, the use of email has been prevalent. Until now, almost all businesses still connect to their clients through email. There may be several applications available over the internet, but nothing beats the use of email.

Why Using Email is an Advantage For Every Company

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Apparently, there are many reasons why companies would rather use email for communication. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It is undoubtedly fast.

All of us would always prefer the fastest way of communicating with our colleagues. When you use email for sending your message, it will only be done in a few seconds. It saves you a lot of time and effort. However, slow internet connection can affect the amount of time for sending. Still, it doesn’t happen all the time. Email is still a reliable way of reaching out your message.

  • It keeps track of all your records.

Need to look back on a few messages sent months or years ago? You can easily trace them through the sent folder. Aside from the sent messages, you can also save a draft of an email you are about to send. If you think that the message is not yet ready to be sent, you can save it in your drafts folder. This is probably why using an email is advantageous for most businesses today.

  • It is convenient.

Using an email is just like sending a text using your mobile phone. It looks complicated at first. But when you get the hang of it, using it is just like a walk in the park. Also, sending a message to a large group of people can be a hassle. It’s a good thing that you can send it to everyone in just one click. Simply add their addresses in the recipient bar and you are good to go.

  • It costs nothing.

Unlike text messages, sending an email is free. No matter how far you are, you can send a free message to anyone around the world.

  • It is user-friendly.

While most people use email for sending personal messages, businesses require it for something else. Communicating with another client often requires files like photos or videos. Any email service provider lets you attach important files that you need to send. This is why it becomes a lot easier for most companies.

Disadvantages of Using Emails

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Although using an email poses a lot of benefits, there are still cons that we should watch out for:

  • Some email may contain viruses.

This has been a major problem even before. Viruses affect a lot of files once it enters the system. Also, it can easily spread out in just seconds. Moreover, viruses can scrape out your files without you knowing it. One good way of preventing this is through an application that can detect viruses or malwares. It is readily available on the internet and you can either download or buy it.

  • Once you send a message, you can never take it back.

Don’t you just hate it when you done something you can never take back? This is the same as sending the wrong message to the wrong recipient. This action cannot be undone and it is quite embarrassing to the person you sent the message to. What’s even worse is when you accidentally sent something that is important and confidential. The best way to prevent this from happening is by double-checking everything—the recipient, message, and the file to be sent (in case there is).

  • Not all files can fit for a lifetime.

In every email provider, there is certain data storage. However, not all of them have enough space to fill in their messages and files. This is a disadvantage that is inevitable in most email providers. Large storage will probably cost more than the usual amount.

Best Canadian Email Providers

Best Canadian Email Providers

In different countries, there are specific email providers available. In Canada, here are some of the well-known Canadian email providers:

GMX Mail

Although not as popular as Gmail, GMX has its own features which make it comparable to other Canadian email providers. It can import your contacts from Facebook to other sources. You can also customize it with any color you want to use for your theme. All files and menu are organized on the left size of the panel. You can also filter your messages to place it in the right order.


This is probably the most popular Canadian email providers today—not just in Canada but all over the world. Gmail offers plenty of features and even has a 15GB maximum of storage for your files. It has a minimalist theme which makes it clean to look at every time you browse your files and messages. However, what makes Gmail unsafe for business is the number of bots targeting your emails for advertisements. Confidential files may even be targeted which is why privacy is a major concern for this email provider.

AOL Mail

This is one of the oldest email providers all over the world. But because of the rising number of new providers every year, the number of people who uses AOL slowed down. Still, AOL is considered as one of the most reliable provider. It has the essential features present in every email provider. However, you won’t be able to gather your emails using another account.


Another up and coming Canadian email provider is Maiz. It is reliable and user-friendly which is a must in every email provider. It has been running for years and it is created by a highly-skilled group of people.

Here are some of the features that makes it outstanding compared to other email providers:

  • It is affordable

Because of its affordable price, it can be used as an alternate for SendGrid or MailChimp. Also, you can guarantee a high amount of ROI using Maiz. You can choose from the different plans available which starts at $20.

  • It has a temporary inbox and free email service

Unlike any other providers, Maiz offers a quick and free email service for their users. It also has a temporary inbox that is readily available. It is also created for a quick AJAX interface which can be utilized in any device.

  • It has an SMS system and temporary SMS inbox

Just like your mobile phones, you can use Maiz for your contacts and messages. You can check your messages and use their phone numbers for free. No worries, your contacts and phone numbers will be kept privately for your safety.

  • It has a complete analytics dashboard

You can easily see your messages and activities with the dashboard feature. All performances along with the insight reports can be monitored through this dashboard.

  • It includes an automation and auto-responder

To avoid having problems when it comes to responding to your clients, Maiz has an auto-responder. It sends a quick automated message to your clients or business partners.

Building a business is not as easy as it looks like. You must have the complete package in order to properly run your business and capture clients. Fortunately, there are several applications or software that you can use to maintain the good status of your company.

When it comes to communicating with your clients, you need to have a good email provider. This will increase the efficiency and even the productivity of your business. Because you have hundreds (or possibly thousands) of people to connect with every time, you must have your own email provider. It saves you the time and effort from connecting with the people you want to start business with.

For Canadian email providers, you might want to consider Maiz. It offers all the necessary features you will need for your business. It is safe, and it respects your privacy as a business owner. Maiz also gives you an email marketing platform. Emailing will no longer be a hassle because of this feature provided by Maiz. You need not to worry about the quota of your email provider or the cost per email.

If you are a business owner in need of help to outgrow your business, you might want to check out Maiz. Take advantage of today’s innovating technology by patronizing a local service provider. Because your business deserves the best, you must have the right applications or software with you. And Maiz can certainly help you upgrade your business. Visit this link to see the change you want to see for the future of your business.

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