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The Prominence of Electronic Media and the Most Used Free Canadian Email Address Providers 

Gone were the dull moments of waiting for days and days just to receive a single message from someone we value the most. Physical mailboxes are now slowly fading away, while handwritten letters may still be very romantic and effortful but in all honesty, those are not practical anymore. In today’s time, instant messaging are now the norms wherein it can only take you a literal second to contact your relatives, friends, or loved ones no matter where they are in the face of the earth. And that is why we now depend on numerous email address providers as our primary source of online communication. In this article, we will be discussing electronic media along with its advantages and disadvantages and the most used free Canadian email address providers to make it easier for you to decide which are the ones that you will be using and which ones are to let pass by.

Electronic Media: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

As days pass by us, little by little physical media is slowly but steadily go into the background and are being replaced by the more convenient and accessible form of it that rose to prominence along with the internet itself. Electronic mails, digital media, streaming services, and so much more of our daily lives are now relying solely on the wonders of the internet.

Do not get us wrong; it is a proven fact that these advancements to the way we live life today are tremendously beneficial for each one of us. Everything just seems to be a click away and who would not want that? Although it feels like everything is working just the way we like it, the ever so rapid growth and advancements of technology to our lives should still be a thing of our concerns.

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Technology has been pushed to its limit again and again as our brilliant minds find more and more ways to make our lives a whole lot easier. Reaching out to our loved ones, coworkers, and our friends have been made a ton easier by way of instant messaging and emails. Consuming the media we want has been made so that we can do it anytime we want, the days of waiting for your favorite show in front of your TV is gone because of various streaming applications and YouTube. These are just but a small fraction of examples on how digital media has now taken over our lives. Living has not only been made more comfortable, it has also been made more efficient and convenient.

Everything has its two sides. These improvements to our daily lives come with its very own disadvantages. Yes, it is a given fact that it has improved our way of living, but it has also successfully made us extremely dependent on it that it feels like we cannot live without it anymore. Youth in today’s times have surrendered the physical play over the various video games they have right now, courting for a partner to be with has now been solely dependent on texts and social media, and we have been rendered undoubtedly lazier than before because everything is now being spoon fed to us. Those are some of the glaring examples of how electronic media has negatively affected us.

In conclusion, even though digital media has to bear its fangs on our necks, the advantages and the good things it has brought unto us still outweigh the negatives that come along with it. Just like in everything in our lives, it is on how we utilize it that matters the most. Electronic media is there to regulate our daily living more comfortable than ever before, and it is in our hands whether it makes us better or even worse individuals. In perspective, what it can bring to us, harm or good, still lies within our very own choices. Just like how you want to choose your email address providers.

The Top Email Address Providers in Canada

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Emailing has been and seemingly will always be an integral part of our lives in the coming future, that is why we must be fully aware whether the ones we are currently using are worth of our valuable time. Here are some of the top email address providers in Canada that are undoubtedly secured and convenient to use.

•    Google Gmail

If you ask people around on which email provider they are currently using right now, probably you would hear lots and lots of Gmail answers. Google Gmail is the most recognizable email address provider in not just Canada but also in what seems like the whole world. Built for speed, Google Gmail is designed with speed as its most concern. Lightweight, minimal, and no-nonsense, this email provider may take a bit of time to get to used to, but a bunch of people will surely testify that this is one to keep. Google has made it sure to add new features from time to time to maintain its consumers hooked and interested in its products; Google Gmail is no different.  Useful, convenient, and ultra-fast, it sure is a must use.  Although, a glaring problem with it is in terms of its privacy, as bots are still able to read your emails and target advertisements directly to you.

•    Microsoft Outlook

The interface of outlook is no different from other email providers, which may be viewed as submitting to the common or designed perfectly for more convenience. Because it looks just slightly different from its competitors, it can make a transition to them a whole lot easier because there is no need for more adjustments. Like most other email services, the organization of email folders is straightforward. Your messages can easily be put in to your folder. Consequently, a rule created to sort incoming mail comes automatically. It has a lot more features that make emailing very easy and time-saving but also quite fun. It has also been made possible to import contacts from your social media accounts such as Facebook and many more.

•    Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail has a modern look and feel that successfully entices its potential users. With its customization features, this email provider has hooked creative consumers because of its ability to convey their creativity with various themes or photographic backgrounds. User-friendly and highly accessible, tabs are also made optional so you can read and type mail at the same time in different tabs. Other email accounts can be added so that all messages can be seen in one place. Extra email addresses can be linked here. Contacts with Google or Facebook and other importation options and calendar are also obtainable. This email provider is secured and extremely convenient to use which is a huge deal for users that fully appreciates it.

•    Apple iCloud

This email service provider has been focusing so much on its accessibility with its mobile version that it has left its web-based version slightly disappointing and less functional. On the iPhone or iPad, Mail can be set up to access other email accounts, but on the website, you can only have access to iCloud email. This software provides services which is designed with simplicity; it’s typically in Apple fashion. Straight forward and very easy to understand, this has made Apple iCloud convenient even for those who are not yet thoroughly familiar with the Apple products. Another cool addition to it is its overall appearance that is extremely a delight for the eyes. Looking astoundingly exquisite but still feeling completely professional, Apple iCloud is indeed awesome although a slight disappointment.

•    GMX Mail

GMX mail may not be as popular as the other email service providers mentioned already above, but it is still worth your consideration. This online emailing tool can be organized to import Facebook contacts. However, it can also provide import from Outlook, CSV files, and other sources. It can fetch email from different addresses and general POP3 accounts. It can be customized with themes and the positioning of the reading pane. There may also be some advertisements but not to the point where it becomes slightly annoying Filters can also be created. There is a contact panel. GMX, too, offers better and more features than the iCloud. It also has an unusual ability to insert a photo captured live from webcam and overlay cartoon shapes. And that might be its greatest strength; it does not fully submit to the conventions set by its competitors.

Maiz is another Canadian email address provider that is undoubtedly a must use. This software is specifically designed for email business, particularly, for the unique Canadian market. It’s the easy, fast, and reliable emailing. You may utilize all of its features and services free, and if you’d ask me, that is a complete bargain! This tool is adept of tracking your messages’ opens & clicks, automatically handle bounce & feedback, and measure your campaign performance with insight reports. Maiz also has a mobile version which also specifically comes with an interface particularly designed for mobile devices. This empowers you to access emails efficiently using mobile devices. Highly secured cloud servers that are managed, supported, and maintained by fellow Canadians, you can surely depend on it to take care of your privacy. Do not hesitate and sign up today. Again, it is absolutely free! Click here to visit our website to know more.

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