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Why having Maiz Free Email Accounts is Essential for Every Canadian

Despite the fact of social media popularity in our day communication Email is still play the major role in the online communication industries. Usually big corporations and enterprises using email platforms, rather than other forms of digital communication , the reason is free email accounts has been a secure and reliable tool, properly structured and it’s extremely traceable. It is also usable and has validity in legal cases when you want to use it as evidence.

free email accounts

Emails or free email accounts can be followed, closely monitored and it can automates the marketing efforts by email marketing platforms that even makes it more effective tools than ever before. It is the one of best methods to assign and communicate a one on one conversation with good potential of receiving leads. This is why Maiz is the best choice for a free email account provider in our country Canada. It is exclusively developed for business email accounts, especially the unique Canadian market. It’s also designed for personal use providing free email accounts.

Canadians need exclusive national email address

Even though there are free, good email providers such as Hotmail (from Microsoft), Gmail (from Google), Yahoo email Canada (from Yahoo) and many countries rather to go with their specific national free email accounts. For instance, China came up with Korea got and India developed Then why is it that Canada does not have an exclusive national email platform for providing free email accounts?

How About Canada?

Canadians are often using email services provided by the American companies like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. These free email accounts service providers feeds most of the need for Canadian market.
But I thought that I am using my Internet provider Canadian Email address

The other resource for Canadians is offered by a provider like Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Shaw and Primus (there are many more). For instance, if you get your service for Internet from Rogers, then Rogers Company is going to offer you for a free email account

What’s the Real Problem?

Initially Yahoo offers Rogers email accounts. Hotmail from Microsoft offers Bell email accounts. And if you pay attention closer, you realize that the majority of companies are offering email accounts for the rest of our country Canada. You will involve problems if you desire to switch your Internet service provider.

For instance, if you want to switch from Rogers to Bell, you are going to lose all of your email accounts. What we need is an exclusive national email platform: one that does not force us to suspend and lose our important data and email accounts.

What is the best solution?

Maiz offers free email address to the Canadians, who proudly secured, managed, supported and updated by Canadians. It’s extremely secure, amazingly fast and super reliable. By taking advantages of using Maiz, you will not lose your email address and email accounts, if you decided to switch another email provider.

Retained your sensitive data and email accounts by our Canadian hosting provider where there is the maximum physical security of their data centers to meet all your data is securely fastened.
We try our best to offer the best service to our Canadian community. Save your valuable time, save your Maiz username and save Canadian email communication with Maiz.

Every Canadian, One Maiz™ Email Account!

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