Canadian Anti Spam Legislation

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is a strait new law meant to restrict unwanted e-mail, ads and texts, and it will apply to companies and organizations who is doing business worldwide. Companies selling or promoting products or services are required to prove they have confirmation to reach out to new, existing and potential customers using electronic […]

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The Anti-Spam Legislation Canada and the Best Tool You Can Have

Anti-Spam Legislation Canada

Today, every time we open our emails, there are these junk emails that we don’t know where it came from. Annoyingly, you can receive these emails day after day. Those emails are widely recognized as spam emails. Spam email is a variety of commercial advertising. Online marketers resort to this kind of advertising because email […]

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Email Secure Server: A Crucial Part of Email Security

Email Secure Server

Email secure server or also called SSL Server is a web server that supports most of the major security protocols like SSL/TLS that encrypt and decrypt messages to create protection against third-party tampering. Retailers and online businesses use these email secure servers to provide clients guaranteed security for making online purchase regarding payment and personal […]

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What Is Spam and the Anti Spam Canada Law

Anti Spam Canada Law

Spam email or Spam messages are an inexpensive form of commercial advertising because emails are a very cost-effective medium for the sender. Even if just a fraction of the recipients of the spammed email from several different email addresses purchases the advertised product, then the spammers have made money while the problem with spamming continues […]

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How Email Hosting Canada Works

Email Hosting Canada

What is Email Hosting Canada? Many people use email as a form of formal communication. It gives a professional feel for people who read and sends an email to different clients. For most email users, email hosting is essential. Email hosting is a hosting service that runs under email servers. They’re services that offer original […]

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Free Email Canada in Today’s Business World

Free Email Canada

Email is one of the main ingredients of businesses in the present times. Communication is vital and always on-going in these fields. Thus, it is a bridge that connects people in making new relations and keeping previous contacts. Electronic mail is the most useful tool in every day’s happening in many corporate settings. Looking back, […]

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Making the Most out of the Best Canadian Email Provider

Canadian Email Provider

To start, email marketing is the process and execution of a marketing campaign by sending commercial messages to a specific group of a target audience with the use of a particular email platform. In the simplest term, any messages sent with the aim to promote a product or services using email can be considered as […]

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Canadian Email Providers: Creating Effective Business Connections

Canadian Email Providers

Every business requires connection to their clients or partners. It is vital since communication is necessary for companies to prosper. With the innovation in our technology today, relaying a message to one another is no longer an issue. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to relay a message anytime and anywhere. You can do this […]

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